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“ Water consists 70% of our body. Now you can keep your body healthy with alkaline hydrogen reduced water H2-5000! ”



H2-3000 Change the kitchen landscape.Alkaline Ionized Water Generator H2-3000! “ The only substance that can eliminate hydroxy radical, the most toxic kind of reactive oxygen species in our



Hydrogen (active hydrogen) has the ability to remove oxygen free radicals known as a cause for ageing and diseases.Alkaline Ionized Water Generator H2-2000A


CEO Greeting

Hydrion Co. Ltd. has been striving to make the best water over 40 years under the management philosophy of “With Health!”

Through constant technology development, we now have more than 140 invention patents, utility models, design registration, etc., acquired the eco label and won the Prime Minister’s award in recognition of our efforts to protect the environment, and won the Golden Brand for the first time in the water ionizer industry in Korea.

In 1985, our products were recognized for alkaline water’s four beneficial effects (reducing gastrointestinal problems, abnormal intestinal fermentation, indigestion and chronic diarrhea) by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) for the first time in the water ionizer industry in Korea.

In addition, we install water supply facilities for military camps and schools, install water filtration systems for apartment complexes, and supply parts for water purifiers for ships and to domestic water purifier companies. We specialize in manufacturing finished water purifiers, water purifier parts, and medical devices.

All of our executives and staff members promise that we will do our best in our role as a leading manufacturer of water ionizers, water purifiers, and various kinds of parts through constant product development and quality improvement. Thank you.


CEO, lee jung ho


CEO, lee jung ho

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Hydrion’s One Stop Manufacturing System


The secret of the hydrogen water ionizer that received the world's first medical device certification.


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Of course not. Nobody can make that guarantee (and if somebody ever makes that guarantee, it’s a good idea to run away quickly). A good plan is essential, but a plan alone will not get funded. Although we will do our best to help you prepare, we have no control over how well you present yourselves to investors, or how well you answer their questions. We can coach and we can mentor, but at the end of the day, it’s your business and you must close the deal.

We can sometimes make informal introductions to potential investors or other intermediaries. In general, only brokers licensed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) can legally arrange financing (see Beware of Finders in our Blog). Please seek legal counsel and make sure that any “finder” you talk to is properly licensed with FINRA before you hire them. Failing to do so may expose you and your company to significant liability.

No, we are management consultants, not investors.

If you run a business, then it’s probably safe to say yes. In fact, you may require more than one business plan: one for raising capital and one for running your business. The former is a compact, easily digested strategic document that is designed to persuade potential investors to pick up the phone and invite you to their offices for an initial meeting. The latter is a more detailed document serving as a day-to-day roadmap, detailing the tactics supporting your overall strategy. The former needs to be an attractive document that sells; the latter can be a collection of spreadsheets, lists, research summaries, and other documents stuffed in a binder that you refer to and update on a regular basis. We specialize in preparing the capital-raising business plan, but many of the by-products are suitable for use in the operating business plan.

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